Industry Guilds and Unions

Industry guilds and unions are an essential resource for many professionals working in the Australian screen industry. Below are some of the key industry associations that offer membership and a range of benefits for their members.

  • The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) is a union for arts and creative industry professionals, offering advocacy services and campaigning to improve working conditions for workers across the sector. The MEAA website also provides a range of valuable resources for professionals across the film and content industries.

  • The Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) is an association that offers opportunities for cinematographers to develop their skills, connect with other professionals, and receive recognition for their accomplishments.

  • The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) represents sound and audio professionals in the industry and provides platforms for discussions, forums, and seminars. They also offer an annual award to recognise screen professionals.

  • Screen Producers Australia (SPA) provides its members with networking opportunities through various events and conferences, as well as recognition of talent through its own awards. SPA works to boost the commercial success of local productions by establishing an effective, coordinated dialogue between industry entities and production professionals.

  • The Australian Production Design Guild (APDG) is an industry association that offers membership to Australian production design professionals. They have a member directory to raise the profile of their members and also offer awards, mentoring, and accreditation opportunities.

  • Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) is an industry association for aspiring and established screenwriters, providing networking opportunities and members-only events.

  • Australian Directors’ Guild (ADG) represents the professional interests of Australian screen directors and provides opportunities across the industry. They also organise programs, events and awards.