Grips with Gear


Post Production

Lester Bishop

Movietech Magnum Dolly; Dario; Extenda Crane; Hot Head; C.A.M.S. Digital Head; Brolga 40’ Crane and Dolly

Josh Hamill

Rigger Class 4, Padi Open Dive Certificate, EWP over 11 metres

Jo Juhanson

Rigger Class 1, First Aid, EWP over 11 metres, Advanced First Aid, Scaffold Ticket

Gary Lincoln

H.C Heavy Vehicle (Truck). Car, motorcycle and boat. Rigging and Scaffolding (Intermediate). OHS Certificate. EWP over 11 metres

David Litchfield

Truck and Van complete with gear. Chapman Hybrid, Dario, Flat Bed dollies. Scanner Crane. 32ft Precision crane. Hot Head Remote Head Rigger Class 1, Scaffold Ticket

Stan Nowlan-Full

HR truck. R motorbike. Gold Card: telehandler. Yellow Card: EWP < 11m. Working at heights.

Jonathan Scott

Freefly Movi Pro 3 axis stabilized gimbal Nodo inertia wheels 3 axis system

Jason "Trewy" Trew

Fisher 10 Dolly; Fisher 11 Dolly; Spyder Dolly; GF - 14 Crane System; Phoenix or Giraffe Cranes; Tracking Vehicle; Low Loader; Cam Remote (Hot Head); All Terrain Vehicles; & Axis Weaver Steadman Head Reduced kit available Scaffold Ticket, EWP over 11 metres

Jason Weekes

Complete Truck or Van available.Chapman Hybrid, Pee-Wee and Hustler dollies. Motorised Panther Dolly.GF-16,GF-10,GF-6 Crane systems Tracking vehicles incl ATVs and Low Loaders Cartoni and Weaver Steadman heads.Slider systems Scaffold,EWP,OHS,Truck,Boat,PWC,&M/cycle lic. Scaffold Ticket, EWP over 11 metres